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Resolution Solution: Apps to Help You Succeed in the New Year

2016 is here. And with a New Year comes plenty of well-intentioned resolutions. For parents of teenagers, making and talking about News Year’s resolutions with them can be a great…

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10 Holiday TV Classics You Need To Watch ASAP

Baby, it’s cold outside! When it’s dark at 4PM and everyone has the flu, ‘tis the season for staying indoors with your TV. A movie marathon may be on your…

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Pros and Cons of an Online Degree

Pursuing an online degree is often overlooked in favor of attending a traditional university or college institution. But receiving a degree from an online institution has many advantages when compared…

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What Is Spam?

Sending emails that are commercially directed in mass is a cost-effective way to advertise for a business and increase sales. The efficacy of sending out emails in bulk has led…

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How to Tell if an Email Is Spam

Determining whether or not an email is spam is very important when trying to keep yourself safe online. Spam emails can lead to your personal information being compromised in a…

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Common Online Scams to Avoid

The Problem of Online Scams Some people may think online scams are relatively rare. However, this is far from reality. Online scams happen in many ways and occur on a…

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How to Create a Secure Password

Creating a Secure Password One of the easiest ways to protect yourself online is to create strong and secure passwords. This applies to your bank accounts, your email address, your…

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How Students Can Take Advantage Of Online Research Tools

Thanks to rapid Internet advances, researching online has never been more practical for students. Students doing research online should use several indispensable research tools to help them research more efficiently…

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What’s a VPN and How Does It Work?

What Is a VPN? The Internet can help people, providing endless resources and entertainment, but it can also hurt people. Hackers have long been able to access sensitive information from…

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What Is an RSS Feed?

RSS, or Rich Site Summary, is a way to deliver web content that is changing on a regular basis. As a result, RSS feeds are commonly used by news sites,…

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