CenturyLink Internet Service

Get online with an instant connection. CenturyLink High-Speed Internet is dependable, reliable and consistent.


Available Standalone and in Bundles

CenturyLink is a leading telecommunications provider in the United States, offering a range of home services. Choose between multiple services in a bundle or buy CenturyLink Internet only. Speeds, plans and features vary by location. Call today to learn which CenturyLink Internet services are available in your neighborhood.

Get your CenturyLink Internet connection in a bundle

  • Internet Bundles contain the home services you need for one affordable price. Your bundle can contain CenturyLink Internet service, voice and/or digital television. The more services you include in your bundle, the greater your package's value.

  • CenturyLink Internet service is easy to install. Your free installation kit arms you with all you need to get your CenturyLink Internet connection up and running. Not confident in your technological skills? No problem. If you have any questions about CenturyLink Services or installation, simply pick up the phone. Every CenturyLink Internet connection comes with 24/7 customer support.

  • Want more from your internet? Lease an Advanced Networking Modem. They give you CenturyLink wireless Internet service in practically any room in your house. The modem has a built wireless router so everyone in your home can enjoy high-speed online access. CenturyLink wireless Internet service has always-on security and is Windows and Mac compatible.

  • Add voice and digital television to make your CenturyLink Internet services bundle a Triple Play. These packages combine the best of CenturyLink's offerings. With home voice, you get unlimited talk time and no dropped calls. Unlike cellular service, you don't have to worry about missed connections. Voice also comes with handy optional services such as call forwarding, caller ID and more.

  • Digital television takes your entertainment to the next level. Enjoy hundreds of HD channels, including sports, music, shows and movies. Whole-home DVR adds to the fun with the ability to record multiple shows at the same time - in any room with a receiver. You can even start watching programming in one room of your house, pause your entertainment and finish watching in a different room.

Internet bundles begin with a great CenturyLink High-Speed Internet plan. Find the right plan for your Internet and phone bundle by calling today!

About CenturyLink

CenturyLink is the third-largest telecommunications company in the United States and is headquartered in Monroe, LA. It's also an S&P 500 company and offers a wide range of services, including Internet, home voice, digital television and security. CenturyLink's customers can be found around the world. Enterprise customers turn to CenturyLink for cloud infrastructure and hosted IT services. Call today to shop CenturyLink Internet services. Whether you want to bundle multiple services or purchase CenturyLink Internet only, a representative will answer your questions and help you choose to perfect plan.