Centurylink in Hinesville, GA

Hinesville offers some of the best education in the area, with the Liberty County School District boasting 674 teachers for 11,274 students, or around one teacher for every fifteen students, which isn't a bad ratio compared to the national average. Of course, education in the connected age means more than just good schools, it means having a world of information at your fingertips. The teachers are there to motivate the students, it's the student's job to learn. In other words, fast internet is pretty important to the students of Hinesville.

Bundling in Hinesville

The best way to get great internet in Hineseville without breaking the bank is to bundle with CenturyLink. The idea is simple: Get a bunch of good stuff together, and it costs less that way. Here's what you get with CenturyLink:

  • Fewer dropped calls. CenturyLink is a brand known for its reliable service. Customers enjoy a direct connection to the provider, meaning that you're not sharing bandwidth with your neighbors, so peak activity times don't necessarily mean that you're going to be getting disconnected every five minutes.
  • Faster streaming. Again, a reliable, direct connection means that you're not going to keep seeing the spinning circle if you and a neighbor are watching Netflix at the same time.
  • Incredible speeds. Certain areas in Hinesville may enjoy speeds up to 40mbps. With that kind of speed, you could download an HD feature film in under ten minutes instead of leaving your laptop on overnight to finish the job.

With under 2,000 people per square mile, Hinesville isn't the most population-dense city in Georgia or anything, but it can still drag on your internet speed when you're sharing your connection with hundreds of other people hopping online at once.

CenturyLink Has Coverage for Hinesville

Hinesville Cultural Attractions

One of the coolest things about Hinesville is how the city keeps culture alive through organizations like the Hinesville Area Arts Council. The council helps to make possible events like the Annual Blues, Brews & BBQ festival, supporting and proliferating the rich cultural heritage of Georgia.

DirecTV and CenturyLink

Although DirecTV programming varies from area to area, Hinesville residents can rest assured that they can enjoy all that DirecTV has to offer when it comes to premium channel trials, over a dozen true-HD channels, and countless channels providing all your favorite shows and movies before they hit your favorite streaming websites (and after they're removed from those sites).

Visiting Hinesville

Many travelers consider Hinesville to be just another sleepy little Southern town with little of interest. Well, many travelers are wrong. The Jesup drive-in theater alone justifies a stop on any trip through Georgia. There are fewer than 400 active drive-ins left in the US at last check, and the number keeps getting smaller. The drive-in is just one of the many classic American traditions that Hinesville is keeping alive.