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CenturyLink Iowa: Residential Phone and High-Speed Internet

Are you looking for reliable and affordable high-speed Internet? Look no further. CenturyLink in Iowa provides residential communications services that include telephone and high-speed Internet. Better yet, you can bundle these services together for one low price.

CenturyLink Internet Services in Iowa

CenturyLink Internet service is both super-fast and highly affordable. CenturyLink Internet can meet a wide range of needs for an Iowa residential customer.

  • Entertainment for the whole family. Iowa Internet service from CenturyLink is well-suited to meet any family's entertainment needs. Today, an ever-increasing number of people are turning to the Internet for many – and sometimes all – of their home entertainment. Thanks to reliable, high-speed Internet service from CenturyLink, people can enjoy everything from movies to music to television to sporting events of all types.
  • Work efficiently from home. Many Iowa residents operate home businesses, telecommute, or work from home at least part of the time. The Internet is crucial to professional pursuits and businesses of all types. With CenturyLink Internet service, you can readily telecommute or manage a home-based business enterprise with ease.
  • Online gaming. Gamers also praise high-speed Internet service from CenturyLink. People of all ages enjoy online gaming for fun and relaxation. With high-speed Internet provided by CenturyLink in Iowa, you can play online games to your heart's content.
  • Study, research and do homework online. Families with students in the household must have reliable, high- speed Internet. This represents yet another area in which CenturyLink Internet fits the bill. Not only can a student access the full spectrum of educational resources via Internet from CenturyLink, he or she can take online courses.

Century Link Residential Phone Services in Iowa

In addition to reliable, high-speed Internet service, CenturyLink also offers Iowans affordable residential phone service. As is the case with CenturyLink Internet service, customers can enjoy a number of benefits from CenturyLink home phone service.

  • CenturyLink home phone service is highly reliable. Unlike mobile alternatives, you do not have to deal with issues like dropped calls and loss of service when you use CenturyLink telephone.
  • Home security is enhanced with CenturyLink home phone service. Many security services operating in Iowa require a landline in a residence in order to fully implement their complete spectrum of protective resources. You can also trust that your CenturyLink phone service will continue working in the event of severe weather.

CenturyLink offers a variety of options when it comes to home phone service. You can customize features based on what your needs and budgetary requirements are at a particular time.

CenturyLink Coverage in Iowa

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Iowa Internet Bundles

When it comes to Iowa Internet service as well as residential telephone service, Iowans can save money with Iowa Internet bundles. With Iowa Internet bundles, customers can enjoy comprehensive communication services.

Call a CenturyLink expert today to learn more about the bundle packages you can choose from for your Iowa home. Your family will be will on their way to enjoying faster Internet and more reliable home phone service.

CenturyLink Customer Reviews in Iowa

  • “Very good service. Secure and fast. Excellent internet connection at a good price!” - Actual CenturyLink Customer

  • "The service is great and the speed is excellent. After getting used to the program, I find it much better than the program I was on. Easy to operate and find your way in. Thank you for getting me into Century Link.” - Actual CenturyLink Customer

CenturyLink in Iowa: 4.4 out of 5 - based on 54 Customer Reviews


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