Cedar Rapids Connects with CenturyLink Home Services!

Cedar Rapids residents can connect with CenturyLink pure broadband Internet.

CenturyLink delivers a reliable connection and consistent speed, all day. A private, direct connection to the CenturyLink network means your speed won’t diminish. Not even during heavy use hours. With CenturyLink, you’re always on, and with an array of speeds to fit your needs.

CenturyLink offers the same dependability in its Home Phone services.

With CenturyLink Home Phone, you get:

  • CALL FEATURES | Add the convenience of Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Forwarding and more.
  • UNLIMITED CALLS | Choose the unlimited plan for free local calls.
  • DEPENDABILITY | No dropped calls, no dead spots. CenturyLink offers a reliable connection!

Bundle CenturyLink Internet with Home Phone for big savings!

CenturyLink Coverage in Cedar Rapids

Bundle and save with CenturyLink in Cedar Rapids

Get the most out of your CenturyLink connection. Bundle Internet and Home Phone services.

What can come in a CenturyLink bundle?

  • INTERNET | It’s a premium, high-speed connection. Choose speeds of up to 100Mbps!
  • HOME PHONE | Landlines don’t need electricity, so your connection always stays on
  • TV | Intuitive features give you control of your entertainment options
  • You get high-speed Internet, dependable phone service and a wealth of TV options. Build your bundle with CenturyLink in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

    Why CenturyLink?

    There are other options for Internet, phone and TV in Cedar Rapids. What makes CenturyLink such a strong choice for all three services?

  • CUSTOMIZABLE | CenturyLink bundles come with choices. Select the Internet speed you need for your household. Pick the call plan that works best. And get the TV package you’ll love!
  • POWERFUL | Internet speeds open a ton of possibility. Connect multiple devices, and download movies in a flash. Update social media, play online games, and stream your favorite music service!
  • IT’S SECURE | Protect your personal data and network, with CenturyLink @Ease. Pick your level of protection and backup space. Identity Guard monitors your credit and identity when you’re online!

With CenturyLink services in Cedar Rapids, you could:

  • RECORD your favorite show, while you spend a day touring the Brucemore Estate
  • CALL friends and family in Sioux City or Sacramento with a choice of CenturyLink call plans
  • USE LAST CALL RETURN if someone rings you during an Iowa or Iowa State football game!

Call today and save

Go with a carrier for Internet, phone and TV that you can trust in Iowa– CenturyLink. Depend on a dedicated network to deliver the services you need, at a price you can afford.