CenturyLink has Internet Deals in Council Bluffs

Whether it's checking sports scores, researching for school projects or checking up on local area news, residents of Council Bluffs, Iowa rely on the High-Speed Internet services that CenturyLink has to offer. Not only is CenturyLink's Pure Broadband High-Speed Internet consistently fast all day, every day, it's also affordable.

Bundling in Council Bluffs

High-Speed Internet service is just one of the high-quality services that CenturyLink offers in Council Bluffs; customers can get CenturyLink TV and Home Phone services too! Council Bluffs residents can maximize their savings on CenturyLink home services by building a customized bundle. Call today to get started!

Reliable and Affordable High-Speed Internet in Council Bluffs

Reliability and affordability are only two of the benefits customers get with CenturyLink High-Speed Internet service. The CenturyLink network is secure, thanks to a private, direct connection to a network for consistent speed, and won't slow down, even when streaming movies or playing video games. Here's a look at how Council Bluffs residents are using CenturyLink High-Speed Internet:

  • Sports in Council Bluffs: If you’re a fan of ice hockey teams in neighboring Omaha, CenturyLink can keep you up to date on your team’s performance. With the help of a dedicated High-Speed Internet connection, Council Bluffs users can stream video and audio of all the hockey action, and check scores with just a few clicks.
  • Local News in Council Bluffs: Many Council Bluffs residents turn to KETV.com and CBTV17.com for local news, sports and weather information. CenturyLink Pure Broadband Internet can keep you apprised of the latest stories.

CenturyLink Coverage in Council Bluffs

Bundling in Council Bluffs

Council Bluffs residents can save big when they bundle CenturyLink High-Speed Internet with Home Phone and TV. A landline phone is always on, and are more reliable than cellular phones in severe weather situations. A CenturyLink's Home Phone offers both peace of mind and excellent call quality, without the dropped calls that plague cell service. For ultimate entertainment at an affordable price, add CenturyLink TV to your bundle, too – and save on all three services.