CenturyLink in Kalispell, MT Sets the Standard for Internet

In Kalispell, MT, CenturyLink sets the standard for Internet. Providing High-Speed Internet at affordable rates, CenturyLink is able to give residents of Kalispell, Montana the connection speeds they’re looking for at prices that won’t break their budgets. If you’re looking for High-Speed Internet in Kalispell, MT, CenturyLink is the company to turn to.

CenturyLink Internet Sets the Standard

There are two primary criteria to consider when signing up for High-Speed Internet: speed and price. CenturyLink provides both great speeds and great prices.

In Kalispell, MT, CenturyLink offers download speeds up to 25 Mbps. This is fast enough for several people to go online at the same time. At 25 Mbps, you and your family or roommates will be able to:

  • download HD movies
  • stream television shows
  • play online games
  • check the weather before heading to Glacier National Park

All of this speed comes at a reasonable price, one that won’t break the bank. Additionally, if you don’t need CenturyLink’s 25 Mbps High-Speed Internet, there are lower plans available in the area. You may be able to save even more by selecting one of the lower plans, which are still High-Speed Internet plans, if they meet your needs.

CenturyLink Coverage in Kalispell

CenturyLink Also Offers Home Phone

Along with High-Speed Internet, CenturyLink also offers Home Phone Service in Kalispell, Montana. If you live outside the range of a cell phone tower, Home Phone Service can keep you connected to your family and friends. Even if you can use your cell phone at your house, you may still want to get CenturyLink Home Phone. Bundling Home Phone with High-Speed Internet doesn’t cost much, and a CenturyLink Home Phone Service will still work if the closest cell tower is damaged in a storm.

When signing up for CenturyLink Home Phone, you’ll save money by bundling services and get access to useful features, such as:

  • call forwarding
  • unique ringtones
  • call waiting
  • three-way calling

Add DirecTV for Hundreds of Channels and Savings

When signing up for CenturyLink High-Speed Internet and Home Phone, you can also add DIRECTV. Since most people in Kalispell, Montana need a television service, many customers who sign up for CenturyLink add DIRECTV to their services. When you add DIRECTV, you’ll get hundreds of channels and significant savings.

DirecTV provides anywhere from 150-plus to 315-plus channels, depending on what subscription you select. To get everything, including 30 premium channels, sign up for DirecTV Premier. If there’s one particular thing you want to watch, like the NBA or NHL, sign up for the appropriate package. DirecTV offers both NBA League Pass and the NHL Center Ice.

Select Your Services and Save

To start saving on your Internet, phone service and television subscription, call a representative now. A knowledgeable representative will be able to answer all your questions about CenturyLink and DirecTV, and they’ll get you set up with services that will save you money each month.

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