CenturyLink in Wake Forest, NC

Wake Forest is among the best cities in the country when it comes to education, and steeping yourself in the rich tradition of American history. The Wake Technical Community College and the Southeaster Baptist Theological Seminary both offer higher learning programs that help to enrich the local culture and community. To really be a part of this, though, you've got to be connected, and that's where CenturyLink comes in.

CenturyLink Coverage in Wake Forest

CenturyLink Bundles in Wake Forest

Why go with CenturyLink when there are plenty of providers in North Carolina to choose from? Here are just a few reasons to consider CenturyLink bundles:

  • Direct connection. Why is this so important? Well, you know how, during peak activity hours, your streaming slows to a crawl, you get dropped calls, or your internet just goes out entirely? This happens because everyone is drawing on the same bandwidth with your provider. With a direct connection, this is less of a concern.
  • Lower cost. By bundling phone and internet together, the number on your monthly bill is going to be considerably smaller than you might expect.
  • 40mbps speeds. Some parts of Wake Forest are eligible for 40mbps connection, which is over three times the national average.

Of course, fast internet isn't the only reason to check out Wake Forest. In fact, the best thing that fast internet has to offer in Wake Forest is access to everything else that the city has to offer, things like...

The DuBois Center

The DuBois Center, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, is the former site of the W.E.B. DuBois School. The school opened in 1926, before the end of racial segregation in 1971, to offer African-Americans the opportunity for higher learning. The school eventually outgrew the facility, and the building remained vacant until the DuBois Alumni Association bought it to house a community center. This is only one of several historically important locations in the town, which also houses the Glen Royall Mill Village Historic District, the Thompson House, and the Wake Forest Historical Museum. Wake Forest is nothing if not rich with historical significance.

Transportation in Wake Forest

Getting around in Wake Forest is quite easy. Hop on CenturyLink and check out schedules for the Triangle Transit Authority buses, the Amtrak station in nearby Raleigh, and book a flight from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport twenty minutes southwest.

Why DirecTV?

Why should you bundle DirecTV with your CenturyLink? Why not shop around and pick out another provider? Well you're free to do that, but you'll be missing out on quite a bit that DirecTV has to offer, including streaming to your devices, free trials of premium channels, and access to hundreds of standard and HD channels, delivering your favorite content long before it hits streaming websites.