Get Residential High-Speed Internet and Telephone Service in Ohio

CenturyLink delivers dependable services at a savings in Ohio. Get high-speed Internet and telephone service for your home or business. You'll also save when you bundle!

CenturyLink Coverage: Ohio

Get CenturyLink for High-Speed Internet

Residential customers from Cincinnati to Toledo can pick high-speed Internet from CenturyLink. What can you do with fast, reliable Internet in your home?

EDUCATION | Have a child learning to read, or a college student working on a thesis? No matter what your age or pursuit, it’s essential to have a high-speed Internet connection. Sign up for online courses from Ohio State University. Find tutorials on any project you can imagine, and more, with a reliable Internet connection from CenturyLink.

SECURITY | The Internet of Things makes it possible to check your home from remote locations! Arm your security system on your compatible smartphone while you visit Cedar Point. Check video surveillance for your home from your laptop, wherever you may be.

ENTERTAINMENT | Catch up on all the sports action. Whether you root for the Bengals or Browns, stay up-to-date with Internet from CenturyLink. Customers in Ohio can also stream TV shows and movies online. With CenturyLink High-Speed Internet, you can challenge online gamers anywhere.

Look into Internet Bundles from CenturyLink

What could beat high-speed Internet and telephone service from CenturyLink? Getting them together in a cost-saving bundle! Get both services from one reliable provider, on one monthly bill.

AFFORDABILITY | In three years, pay the same low price for services that you pay today. CenturyLink offers a three-year price guarantee. Bundle services from CenturyLink for one low price, and avoid price hikes common with other service providers.

CONVENIENCE | Have a question for your provider? Day or night, you can reach CenturyLink. Our tech support team works 24 hours, seven days a week. For phone or Internet, it’s one source for service!

CenturyLink connects Ohio with residential phone service

Mobile phones can be prone to dropped calls and spotty service. A CenturyLink landline provides coverage and dependability that’s tough to match.

From the Ohio River Valley to Canal Country, weather can take a severe turn in Ohio. Your CenturyLink landline remains reliable in those conditions. Several home security providers need a phone line to establish service in your home. CenturyLink provides that.

You can save on mobile data and minutes when you make calls with your CenturyLink home phone service. Talk on your landline while you’re at home. Save your mobile phone minutes to use while you’re out. CenturyLink keeps you connected without a strain on your mobile phone plan.

Let’s get started!

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