CenturyLink Delivers Telephone & High-Speed Internet to Pennsylvania

For home or business, CenturyLink offers high-speed Internet and telephone services in Pennsylvania. Get affordable, reliable communications and entertainment services from CenturyLink. Qualifying households can save when they bundle services.

CenturyLink High-Speed Internet in Pennsylvania

Fast, dependable Internet in your home opens a ton of possibilities for your family. CenturyLink serves Pennsylvania homes from Pittsburgh to Scranton with high-speed Internet.

ENTERTAINMENT| Stay on top of all the news about your team, whether you’re an Eagles or Steelers fan. Stream your favorite TV shows and blockbuster movies with Internet service from CenturyLink. Gamers can challenge rivals coast to coast, too. Whatever your game, CenturyLink has you covered.

SECURITY | Even on a day trip to Dutch Country, you can arm your home security system on your compatible smartphone. Watch video surveillance of your home on your laptop or tablet. With a CenturyLink connection, you can stay on top of protecting your home.

EDUCATION | A fast, dependable Internet connection aids education at all ages. You can register to study online courses at Penn State and search for DIY videos and podcasts online. CenturyLink high-speed Internet opens the door to discovery for preschoolers and college-age students alike.

Save with CenturyLink Internet bundles

CenturyLink bundles include both high-speed Internet and home phone services, at one low price. You get one convenient bill and both services from one provider you can count on. It’s tough to beat a CenturyLink Internet bundle!

AFFORDABILITY | How would you like a three-year price guarantee? Some carriers hike their prices every year. With CenturyLink, you can budget for the same low price today that you’ll pay three years from now.

CONVENIENCE | Reach CenturyLink technical support anytime, day or night. Trust that when you have a question or concern about your service, a CenturyLink expert is there.

CenturyLink Has Coverage for Pennsylvania

Residential phone service from CenturyLink

You can trust the reliability of a CenturyLink phone connection. Get a crystal-clear signal and fewer dropped calls, even in stormy weather.

Home security providers often require a home phone to establish service. From the Erie region to Philadelphia, CenturyLink has you covered for that.

Don’t burn up your mobile plan minutes when you’re at home. Place calls on your CenturyLink home phone line instead.

Ready to switch?

Ask our experts which plans work best for you. Bundle CenturyLink services and save in Pennsylvania. Call today!