CenturyLink in Greenwood, SC

With a population of around 23,000 people over 13.7 square miles, Greenwood is one of those pleasant small cities that South Carolina is known for. Not so much a small town, just... cozy. You can find all the modern conveniences you want, but you don't have to deal with the noise of big city life. Of course, you'll want to use your CenturyLink connection to do a little scouting around town. The great thing about a town the size of Greenwood is that you can get a little peace and quiet when you want it, the downside there is that the city won't come looking for you, you have to go looking for it.

CenturyLink Bundling in Greenwood

The question is: Why CenturyLink? There's plenty of internet service providers out there, what makes CenturyLink so special? Well here are a few things that set CenturyLink apart from the rest:

  • Superfast speed. The national average for internet speed sits at 12mbps. In some areas, CenturyLink can offer up to 40 mbps. You might not think you need that sort of speed, but wait until you see it in action, streaming and downloading nearly 3.5 times as fast as everyone else.
  • Comprehensive packages. Whatever sort of package deal you want, CenturyLink probably has a plan to fit your needs to the letter. Whether you want to bundle your phone and internet together and add DirecTV on top of it, or stick to a simpler bundle, CenturyLink has you covered.
  • Reliable connection. CenturyLink is able to provide a more reliable connection with fewer dropped calls and less lag by connecting you directly to the provider, so that you don't have to share bandwidth with everyone else in your area.

CenturyLink Coverage in Greenwood

Here's why it's so important to have fast internet so that you can keep up with everything happening in Greenwood:

Cultural Attractions

Greenwood is famous for the Festival of Flowers, and the Festival of Discovery. The Festival of Flowers features a dog show, classic car showcases, Cessna flights for the kids, jazz shows, and world cuisine. The Festival of Discovery likewise boasts food and music, along with folklore and the Kansas City Barbeque Society competition.

CenturyLink and DirecTV

Top speed CenturyLink internet is great, but what do you do when your favorite streaming sites don't have all your favorite shows up for you to watch just yet? Well, that's where DirecTV comes in. With three months of free HBO and every sports channel you could possibly need. Best of all DirecTV offers streaming to smartphones and other devices, so you won't have to glue yourself to the TV set to watch everything you want to watch.

Education in Greenwood

Here's a fun fact about the schools in Greenwood: Springfield Elementary was actually named for the school that Bart and Lisa attend on The Simpsons. Beyond Springfield Elementary, Greenwood is home to eight other elementary schools, four private schools, three middle schools, and two high schools, Greenwood High and Emerald High.