Connecting to Austin, TX with CenturyLink High-Speed Internet

There’s a reason Austin is a major cultural hub in Texas. If you like great food, if you like great art, if you love quality coffee, you can't do better than the Live Music Capital of the World.

In the nineties, Austin’s booming tech industry earned it the nickname "The Silicon Hills," a play on San Francisco's "Silicon Valley." Today, the city still boasts a vibrant tech scene, surrounded by the comforts of Tex-Mex cuisine, dive bars, and great music venues. A reliable High-Speed Internet connection from CenturyLink ensures that you won't miss any of what Austin has to offer.

Bundling with Century Link in Austin, Texas

There’s no question: bundling home services is more convenient and saves you money. Why should Austinites choose a bundle with CenturyLink?

  • Fewer dropped calls. With CenturyLink Home Phone and Smartphone coverage, Texas residents enjoy fewer dropped calls. Here's how: CenturyLink connects you straight to the ISP on a private connection. This means you're unlikely to experience gaming lag or skipping video during peak hours. Streaming is more consistent when you're not fighting with everyone else in Austin for bandwidth.
  • There's a bundle just for you. Whether you need a robust package with everything from Home Phone to DIRECTV or a simple 40 Mbps High-Speed Internet connection, CenturyLink has you covered in Texas.
  • The price. CenturyLink is competitively priced, with options for price-locked bundles, so you don't need to worry about your rates climbing over time.

CenturyLink Has Coverage for Austin

Top Attractions in Austin

Austin, TX offers so many great attractions that you could live here your whole life and never see them all. New residents should definitely check out the Alamo Drafthouse, a destination that gives a new meaning to “dinner and a move.” In addition to a full-service restaurant and bar, this movie theater offers a robust programming schedule that features both classic movies and new films, as well as special events with directors like Quentin Tarantino. It’s a must-see for movie buffs and casual moviegoers alike. Keep an eye up upcoming titles and events with your CenturyLink High-Speed Internet connection.

Music in Austin

There's so much live music happening in Austin, it can be easy to miss something. Don’t worry, the Austin Chronicle will get you to the shows you really want to see. Stay apprised of local music and events with the Chronicle online. Videos and articles load quickly on your dedicated CenturyLink connection, regardless of your neighbors’ Internet usage. Call today to get CenturyLink in your home.