In Vancouver, WA, CenturyLink Has High-Speed Internet As Great as the City Is

Vancouver, Washington is a great city to live in.. CenturyLink provides the reliable High-Speed Internet that Vancouver residents deserve. If you live in Vancouver, Washington, don’t settle for second-rate Internet. Switch to CenturyLink today.

CenturyLink Internet Is Fast and Reliable

CenturyLink offers speeds up to 40 Mbps in some areas, so you can:

  • download entire HD movies in minutes
  • stream songs without interruption while you work
  • check the Portland Trail Blazer’s scores
  • quickly see the weather before heading out on the Columbia River
  • easily research the Clark County School Districts online

Unlike shared cable Internet connections, CenturyLink High-Speed Internet doesn’t slow down significantly at high-use times, like nights and weekends. Instead, you’ll get a direct connection to CenturyLink’s network, which isn’t impacted by the Internet usage of your neighbors. You’ll notice the difference every time you surf the Web. Call today to get CenturyLink in your home.

CenturyLink Has Coverage for Vancouver

CenturyLink Home Phone Adds More

When you pair CenturyLink High-Speed Internet with Home Phone Service, you’ll get an always-on phone line with advanced calling features like call forwarding, three-way conference calls and caller ID. When you bundle Home Phone Service with High-Speed Internet, you’ll get the perks of a home phone while saving on both services. It’s a win-win.

Complete Your Package with Prism TV

For the complete entertainment experience, add Prism TV to your CenturyLink services. Get hundreds of channels, including movie, children’s, cooking and sports channels, many in HD. Watch a different channel each day, and it’ll take you months -- almost a year with some plans -- to see them all.

For a unique television experience that travels with you, sign up for Prism TV. Prism TV puts you in control with a Whole Home DVR. Watch and record several shows at once with a single DVR. Pause a show in one room and resume in another. Prism TV is both interactive and mobile-friendly. You can even watch your favorite channels on a compatible mobile device.

Get premium entertainment at an affordable price. Build your ideal CenturyLink bundle today.

Moving to Vancouver, WA?

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CenturyLink Customer Reviews in Vancouver, WA

  • “This is by far the best Internet Service I have ever had, goodbye cable, goodbye 4G, Hello Century Link!!! If you are not using this service as your ISP you are only cheating yourself.” - Actual CenturyLink Customer

  • “I have been very happy with the service I have received with my Internet. It is working great.” - Actual CenturyLink Customer

CenturyLink in Vancouver, Washington: 4.38 out of 5 - based on 13 Customer Reviews.