CenturyLink in La Crosse, WI

La Crosse, WI is a city whose name keeps popping up in those lists of best places to live. La Crosse frequently ranks highly for health, quality of life, education, and general well-being and happiness. A quick cruise through town, or even a little bit of online research with your CenturyLink connection will clue you in to just what makes La Crosse such a great place to be. The first step is getting connected, and here's how CenturyLink can help you to do just that.

Bundling with CenturyLink in La Crosse

Why choose CenturyLink over the other internet service providers in La Crosse? The city certainly isn't wanting for providers, right? Well, CenturyLink offers a number of things that you don't get from just any provider, including:

  • 40mbps speeds. Depending on your location, you may be able to subscribe with 40mbps speed. This means that you could stream many HD movies at once with no slowdown.
  • Reliable direct-connect. With a direct connection, peak activity hours won't slow you down, because you're not sharing bandwidth with your neighbors, you are plugged directly into your provider.
  • Great bundles. CenturyLink offers a wide range of package deals, meaning that no matter what you want, whether you're after a full-package family plan or a modest web-and-phone hookup, you're set.
  • Easy self-installation. CenturyLink can hook you up with a router and tell you how to set it up. It's not that tough and shouldn't take you more than a few minutes.

CenturyLink Has Coverage for La Crosse

Here's what you might want to check out once you get hooked up.

Sports in La Crosse

Although La Crosse may not have any major NFL teams, they have more than their fair share of semi-pro teams across a wide range of athletics, and plenty of local events. Take in a La Crosse Loggers game if you're a fan of baseball, or check out the La Crosse Speedway in nearby West Salem if you're more of a NASCAR fan. And of course, there's great fishing in the creeks and lakes along the Mississippi River.

Cultural Attractions in La Crosse

If you're a history buff, La Crosse has everything you could ask for. Check out the historic places in the city, like the 10th and Cass Street Neighborhood Historic District, the Mons Anderson House, and the Gideon C. Hixon House. The diverse demographics in La Cross mean that you can enjoy the Hmong New Year Parade.

CenturyLink, Prism TV and Home Phone Service

When you add Prism TV and home phone to your CenturyLink service, you're saving money, and simplifying your life. Why sort through a separate bill for every single device you own every month? By subscribing to these services together, CenturyLink makes it easier to pay your bill and enjoy great internet, TV, and home phone service.