CenturyLink Home Phone and High-Speed Internet:
A Clear Connection & An Affordable Price

CenturyLink Home Phone is the perfect partner for your Internet service. Stay connected online and on the phone. Combining both services in a CenturyLink bundle can save you money and time–no more dropped calls or missed connections.


Getting to know CenturyLink Home Phone and High-Speed Internet service

Make the decision to pair CenturyLink Home Phone and High-Speed Internet service, you won't regret it. CenturyLink bundles combine services you need at a price you can afford.

high speed internet and home phone service

Why bundle CenturyLink Home Phone and High-Speed Internet?

CenturyLink Home Phone service is consistent. A clear connection is important for any type of phone call. A cellphone can't always deliver the clarity and consistency of a Home Phone. You should never have to worry about reception in your home. CenturyLink Home Phone service is reliable, with no dropped calls or delays.

Reliable communication all day, every day Nothing is better for reliable communication than a Home Phone. A Home Phone plan keeps you connected no matter the circumstance. Forget your cellphone at a restaurant? Leave your phone charger at a hotel? Not picking up service in your own living room? A Home Phone is the way to go.

Home alarm systems and Home Phones = safety. If your home is equipped with an alarm, having a dependable Home Phone can help you keep your family safe. If your alarm goes off, even by accident, your home alarm provider will need to get in touch with you quickly. Get a connection you can count on with a CenturyLink Home Phone plan.

Features for your family. Internet and phone packages with CenturyLink both offer family-friendly features. From fast upload and download speeds for those family photo albums or Unlimited Nationwide Calling for your Home Phone to keep in touch with extended family.

Your CenturyLink Home Phone options

Deciding that Home Phone service is right for you is the first step. The next step is finding the right Home Phone plan to bundle with a CenturyLink High-Speed Internet plan.

CenturyLink Home Phone plans include basic plans with features like Unlimited Local Calling and advanced plans with Unlimited Nationwide Calling.