Looking for a home phone service provider? Call CenturyLink.

Phone service should be dependable, clear, and affordable. You get all that with CenturyLink. You can choose a plan with unlimited local calling so you won't have to count minutes. There's a suite of intuitive calling features available with phone service from CenturyLink.

Why should I have a landline?

Some families use mobile phones only. But cell signals aren’t as reliable as a landline. When the power’s out and your cell phone can’t connect, you can rely on CenturyLink to put the call through with a corded phone.

During natural disasters, a dependable landline is crucial. Weather events can damage cell towers and interrupt mobile service. Your CenturyLink home phone connects through underground wires and isn’t subject to such service delays.

Do you have a security system at home? You’ll want the most reliable phone line you can get to send your alarm’s signal. For some security systems, a home phone is required.

Add home phone to other CenturyLink services such as Internet and TV. Check out CenturyLink phone bundles today!

CenturyLink home phone service

Choose the plan that fits you best from CenturyLink. Residential phone customers can pick a home phone package that gives them the features they want most.

  • Basic Phone
  • Just the basics. Get unlimited local calls and a dependable connection with no dropped calls.

  • Phone plus
  • Make just a few long-distance calls a month? You get your choice of long-distance plans, and unlimited local calls. Get 10 of CenturyLink’s most popular calling features, too.

  • Unlimited Phone
  • How about unlimited local and nationwide calls? You also get 10 convenient calling features.

You can also choose an international calling plan with CenturyLink phone service. Do you make your calls just to Canada or Latin America? There are plans for that. There's also a plan for more than a hundred countries. Calling overseas? CenturyLink has a global plan that offers the scope you need.

Bundle and save, with CenturyLink

Save money when you bundle with CenturyLink. Home phone service with Internet and TV is all you need for communication and entertainment. Get discounts on individual services and one simple monthly bill.

CenturyLink also offers more lines and protection plans at an additional cost. Call today to speak with a knowledgeable associate. We’ll help you pick the plan that best suits your needs!