CenturyLink @Ease: Security Resources for Your Online World

When you're checking your email or looking up news headlines or watching a movie online, the last thing you want to think of is your online security. You won't have to think about it when you have CenturyLink @Ease.

What does all of that mean for you?

Affordable, continuous online security. CenturyLink Internet already comes with great options, like TV online, wireless modems and 24/7 tech support. Add CenturyLink @Ease to your High Speed Internet service for an extra level of protection - protection that gives you an extra layer of comfort.

bundle tv internet and phone

It's easy to get extra security for your PC - just ask how you can do it when you call to order CenturyLink Internet.

Online Security: PC anti-virus protection, parental controls and more

Your computer's health is important to a free-flowing Internet service. So what's the best medicine?
  • Virus Protection and Spamware Protection
  • Firewall
  • Spam and Parental Controls
When you get CenturyLink Internet, get security for your PC, too. Other PC services include:
  • Phone support
  • PC Health and Optimization
  • Anti-virus Protection
  • CenturyLink Modem Solution Software

Protecting your PC doesn't have to cost a lot. For just a few dollars a month, you can get all these features, plus other great services:

5GB of storage. When you want to download music, videos and more, you have to have somewhere to put them. CenturyLink @Ease offers 5GB of storage, ensuring you can download more of what you want.

24/7 Web-based support. You get online at all hours of the day, so you should have security support during those hours too. Rest easy knowing that whenever you're online, there's a way to get the answers to all your CenturyLink Internet questions when you have around-the-clock care.

Auto Backup. Remember all that storage space? Your downloads will sleep safe and sound under the care of your security suite thanks to automatic backup.

Get started with online security today!

When you call to order CenturyLink Internet, whether it's standalone service or in a bundle, ask about CenturyLink @Ease. It's the easy, inexpensive and smart way to get anti-virus protection. Call today to get a protection program for your family!